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The Maroon 5 frontman has come under fire for stating ‘I hate this country’ under his breath, but it was picked up and broadcast live thanks to a hot microphone.

Adam Levine had a few un-patriotic words after America voted off his contestants, Judith Hill and Sarah Simmons, from “The Voice” on Tuesday night.

The Maroon 5 musician muttered “I hate this country” after two of his strong singers got the boot, but America opted to save his third — country singer Amber Carrington.

Levine, 34, received a lot of backlash for the unpatriotic words.

Though Levine, 34, was probably just fuming from his loss on the show, his statement was picked up under the hot microphone … on live television.

Levine clearly had a bad night. The judge saw two of his contestants eliminated.

Almost immediately, the singer felt the wrath of angry Americans on his Twitter page.

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