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A high school teacher in Chicago was disciplined by a school board after he warned students that they should assert their 5th amendment right not to self-incriminate in response to a survey which demanded students provide details about their drug use and “emotions,” leading to a possible visit with a social worker.

Despite receiving support from eighteen speakers at a Batavia school board meeting yesterday, school officials hit social studies teacher John Dryden with a “letter of remedy,” which threatens more consequences if he fails to fulfill a list of demands.

“Dryden told three of his classes that they had a Fifth Amendment right to not incriminate themselves when they took a social-emotional learning survey April 18,” reports the Daily Herald. “Some of the 34 questions asked students about their drug and alcohol use, as well as about their emotions. Their names were on the surveys, as it was intended to identify students who could use help, according to school district officials. Those whose answers raised red flags were called in to the school’s student services workers, including social workers and counselors.”

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