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It seems as though that the Governor’s decision is all about 2014, not the people of the State of New Jersey

Gov. Chris Christie of New Jersey, in a decision fraught with political implications, announced on Tuesday that he would schedule a special election in October for the Senate seat left vacant by the death of Frank R. Lautenberg on Monday.

The decision, setting the vote for Oct. 16, a Wednesday, is expected to draw criticism from Democrats in the state, who are likely to argue that the move by Mr. Christie, a Republican, amounted to squandering taxpayer money to protect his own political ambitions. A special election will cost millions of dollars more than just adding the vote to the November ballot.

Mr. Christie, anticipating such criticism, said the expense “cannot be measured against the value of having an elected representative in the United States Senate when so many consequential issues are being debated and determined this year.”

A special ballot means the choice of a new senator will not overshadow the race for governor, which will now remain at the top of statewide ballots in November. Republicans in the state are counting on Mr. Christie, who has been hoping that a landslide re-election victory will help propel a possible run for president in 2016, to draw his supporters to the polls, helping Republican candidates for the State Legislature and for many local offices.

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