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An amazing scene in Boston yesterday.

Barack Obama returned to the city of one of his biggest triumphs (his 2004 Democrat convention speech) and one of his worst political spankings (the 2010 repudiation by Massachusetts Senate voters of his candidate).

Those were tough days for the ex-state legislator, you may remember. Virginia voters had just rejected Obama’s choice for governor. New Jersey voters had just rejected Obama’s choice for governor.

Both setbacks were indicators of the rising tide of dissatisfaction over Obama’s preoccupation with ObamaCare when what voters really wanted was Joe Biden’s three-letter word, “J-O-B-S.”

Americans are still waiting for Obama’s employment extravaganza. But meantime later in 2010, they turned the House over to Republicans in an historic surge. Obama now says his big goal is to get that speaker’s gavel back in the more compliant hands of Nancy Pelosi.

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