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Microsoft helped American intelligence officials gain easier access to their users’ electronic communications, The Guardian reported on Thursday.

Documents leaked by former government contractor Edward Snowden show that Microsoft helped the National Security Agency (NSA) work around the encrypted code on its new Outlook portal after the spy agency expressed concern that it wouldn’t be able to intercept Web chats, according to The Guardian.

Microsoft also gave the FBI easier access to its cloud storage service SkyDrive and let the NSA have access to email on Outlook and Hotmail before it was encrypted, according to the paper.

The video service Skype, which is owned by Microsoft, also allowed the NSA to cull video and audio conversations, the newspaper reported. 

The accusations are just the latest to surface about the NSA working with top tech companies to conduct surveillance. The Guardian and The Washington Post reported last month that Google, Microsoft, Facebook and other tech companies had allegedly given the NSA “direct access” to their servers that store user data.

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