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The FBI raided the Philadelphia Sheriff’s office Thursday and seized some of the office’s computers, a source said.

An FBI spokeswoman confirmed that it was at the office “performing normal law enforcement activities” but declined to offer specifics. She said details would not come unless charges are filed.

A Sheriff’s office employee posted the following message on his Facebook account Thursday:

“So I’m at the office and in comes the FBI. They locked the doors unplugged my computer and separated everyone. I was able to take my cell phone with me and I’m currently being quarantined for what reason I do not know.”

Philadelphia Sheriff’s Office spokesman Joe Blake released a statement late Thursday afternoon saying, “As part of an ongoing investigation begun in the previous administration, the FBI arrived at the sheriff’s office at 100 S. Broad this morning with a search warrant and subpoena for certain records and files.”

The statement said Sheriff’s office employees gave the agents full cooperation and that there would be no further comments from the office due to the ongoing nature of the investigation.

The Sheriff’s office has been under scrutiny since the tenure of John Green, who resigned in early 2011 after being accused of running an office full of insider dealing and cronyism.

Philadelphia Mayor Michael Nutter’s office filed a civil lawsuit in April against Green, five companies and eight other people, alleging that they diverted millions of dollars from city sheriff sales, violating the city’s contracting procedures and state ethics laws. The suit seeks an accounting for the disposition of more than $115 million that flowed from the Sheriff’s Office to companies run by Green’s friend James Davis, and a return of the money garnered from that.

When former state representative Jewell Williams became sheriff, it was supposed to clean up the past problems. But AxisPhilly reported in May that office was still dealing with problems.