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I sense a boycott on the horizon…

‘Law & Order SVU’ is tackling racial profiling head on in an upcoming episode that winds together the controversial Trayvon Martin case and the Paula Deen scandal.

In the episode, Cybill Shepard plays Jolene Castille, a famous southern chef. But instead of making a racial slur, like Deen, she guns down an unarmed, hoodie-wearing black teen she thought was following her on the Upper West Side, mirroring the Trayvon Martin slaying.

According to TV Guide, Castille claims she killed the teen in an act of self-defense because she knew police were chasing a rapist of the same description.

The episode, which also stars Jeffery Tambor and Leslie Odom, Jr., will air in October.

On Wednesday, pictures emerged from the SVU set, sparking rumours the show was taking on the George Zimmerman trial.

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